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Why Is It So Important to Have an Annual Checkup With Your Doctor?


There are many different reasons that we make appointments with our doctors. Generations ago people would only see their doctor if they were sick or almost dying. Now, every doctor strongly recommends an annual checkup. Preventative healthcare is at its forefront as people are becoming more aware of their own health and they are preemptively seeking medical advice.  They are looking to live a healthy lifestyle and lower their risk of getting diseases that can be prevented by living a lifestyle in which they keep their physical and mental selves healthy. For these reasons, it’s important to see your doctor annually.


Just as patients are getting ahead of their healthcare, doctors are also becoming more proactive. Doctors are requesting annual checkups and are more preventative patient care than ever before. Regular check-ups can help find health issues before they become too big of a problem. If you see your doctor on a regular basis, you are more likely to catch a disease early giving yourself the opportunity to treat it quickly. 


The annual checkup also helps catch potentially serious issues before they become even worse. Many conditions can be caught early during a routine checkup. Further testing may be necessary, but your annual checkup serves as ground zero for detecting problems.


You can also ask your doctor any pressing questions you have. How many times throughout the past year have you asked “Dr. Google” your concerns? Your checkup is your chance to get answers from a real doctor who knows your specific situation and circumstances. 


Another reason that an annual checkup is so important is that you can strengthen the relationship between your doctor and yourself. If you get along with your doctor you are more likely to go get checkups more often. Just a word of advice, be honest with your physician and listen to their suggestions! You can also establish baselines with them so you can make future healthcare decisions. 


The bottom line is that during your annual checkup the focus is on your overall health and wellness. It is an invaluable checkup that you will use to gauge your physical health and lifestyle. Scheduling your annual physical exam just might be the best thing you do for your health this year. 


So, what does the annual checkup cost? Well, if you have insurance, it will more than likely cost you nothing out of pocket. Most insurances do not have a copay for annual checkups. In fact, it could save you money! If you go to an annual checkup and the doctor detects a serious problem early it can save you money down the road. 


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